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What is P2P Texting?

By April 23, 2020July 11th, 2022News

Peer to Peer (P2P) is a method of texting which allows businesses to send text messages to anyone with a mobile phone through the use of human agents. Rather than sending a bulk SMS message to thousands of text messages all at once, P2P requires that you send each is the unique method of having one-on-one conversations with every single number you text. Texting regulations according to the FCC state that 10 digit numbers are not eligible for bulk texting and must have an operator manually hit send for every text.

Why should I use P2P texting?

Now more than, potential customers want to feel they are an individual whose interests are being catered too. P2P texting gives businesses the flexibility to respond directly to consumer needs and cater their messaging to them, rather than sending out general en masse advertisements. Consumers want individual attention, but when you have a limited staff, or a limited marketing budget how can you make meaningful connections that don’t break the bank and drive conversions. Retargeting ads and suggested content has come a long way towards personalizing the marketing experience peer-to-peer texting is the future of the business to customer communication. 

Consumers are getting smarter and wiser at seeing through marketing language and increasingly frustrated at the difficulty in contacting businesses or political candidates. They want personalized communication that is simple yet authentic this is the reason peer to peer texting was invented.

Is peer to peer texting expensive?

Peer to peer texting is easy on the budget and has returns that are above and beyond the costs associated with it. Email rates are slowly falling, sitting at an average of 25% open rate, whereas text message open rates are sitting comfortably at approximately 90%. Furthermore, texts have an average of 90 second response time, and a 32% average response rate. 

The messaging style of texting lends itself to the building of personal connections which is not as easily created over email, or even over the phone. 

How do I get started with Peer to Peer Texting?

To get started with P2P all you need is a campaign manager and a contact list. It is the responsibility of your campaign manager to utilize this contact list, and then reach out to contact list members one by one. This is not the same as bulk SMS, P2P text messaging requires a human agent to hit send on ever single text that goes out. 

P2P is simple yet powerful. Your organization engages in text conversations one-on-one with your contact list (who have opted in to receive communication). This gives you direct access to your supporters which you can use to mobilize them, providing voting instruction, or solicit feedback on what issues are important to them in the election. Also, the opportunity to raise funds for your campaign are plentiful, with the ability to send supporters straight to your donation pages. 

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