Peer to Peer Texting, Two Way Conversations at Scale!

Lowest prices on earth for P2P Texting.
Text thousands of people daily and have real conversations, fundraise, or drive important issues. Text messages have a 45 times higher engagement rate than email or phone according to use cases.
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peerly messaging service

What is P2P Texting?

P2P means person to person texting otherwise real live one on one text conversations.

Peerly’s technology is the most effective way to engage large groups of (opt-in) people at once and start valuable real-time conversations with an unlimited number of people.

Send MMS Pictures & Files
Hold thousands of conversations daily per agent, contact new donors and collect data with our survey question toolkit
Only pennies per conversation
Send 13,000 texts hourly per person!
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peer to peer texting

Contact your Opt-in List

Engage your opt-in audience with an outbound text to their smartphone over our P2P platform & start live two way conversations for the first time with a lot of people fast!

Manage Replies

Answer replies & manage conversations within Peerly P2P easy to use interface.

Collect Real-time Data

Collect data from constituents, donors or new supporters with our question & our surveys builder and automatically update & add tags to your CRM database.

How it Works?

Peerly’s Peer to Peer platform works by allowing your volunteers or agents to engage thousands of people through text message conversations.


Create Template

Personalize your text templates for your recipients.


Send Opt-in Messages

Send each text individually by just clicking SEND.


View Replies

Respond to replies & manage your conversations.

It’s a Powerful Engagement Tool

Unlike a MASS or BULK SMS which does NOT allow 2-way conversation, P2PTxt is designed for one-on-one text engagement. Peerly make it easy to send texts very quickly, view & manage replies and form a personal connection at your fingertips.

Three simple steps to engage thousands!

1) Type a text into the Peerly platform to be sent out.
2) Send the Peer to Peer Txt using our easy lightning send tool.
3) View replies & start engaging with conversions or surveys with an SMS chat.

P2P texting platform
2-way peer to peer texting

It’s Fast, Easy, & Effective!

Our simple to use interface allows you to upload your lists of leads, design a template with personalization tags such as Name, City or add ANY CUSTOM personalizations.

Texts are sent with human interaction by reviewing your message & pressing the send button. It’s super easy and lightning-quick to start hundreds of conversations.

As you send your text, your recipients will start replying and your agent can easily reply to 5000 messages per hour!

Features & Highlights

Features to enhance engagement for Political P2P Texts, fundraising,  running a non-profit P2P campaigns or communicating with customers.

M.M.S Capable – Send pictures & media files.
Dynamic personalization allows you to insert custom info automatically.
Ask survey questions, collect data or pose Y/N questions.
Any answer data can be saved direct to your CRM or exported.
Send links, emoticons and rich text to enhance the conversation.
Run unlimited campaigns simultaneously and hold unlimited conversations.
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Other Cool Features

Unlike bulk texting or robocalls, Peer-to-Peer SMS are personal messages that come from volunteers or agents. Our powerful tool allows you to initiate a TCPA/FCC compliant conversation with potential voters, supporters or customers.

Here are some features to help support your conversations.

Our Deployment wizard allows your campaign to be up and running within a short time.
All devices supported including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows. Use on a tablet, phone or computer.
Localize caller IDs no one likes an out of state text. We offer localized numbers for every area of the US.
The Auto Cleanse tool automatically dedupes & cleans errors. Lists also undergo a Landline scrub to ensure you’re not texting landlines.
Smart Scheduling allows you to schedule your campaigns to start and stop automatically.
Canned responses allow you to set up several common responses to questions for a rapid response to keep conversations flowing efficiently.

Number #1 tool for Elections, Fundraising & NonProfits in 2021

The Rise of Peer-to-Peer Texting

Mobile P2P Fundraising – with Zero Fees

Send personalized Peer2Peer SMS messages directly to potential donors to raise funds on behalf of your organization. Include a link in your script to your fundraising page & walk them through the donation process live.

Past Donor Engagement

Engage donors to increase fundraising efforts by raising money with 1:1 personal conversations. Keep donors involved with your initiatives or to grow their level of involvement with your peer to peer fundraising campaign.

Community Mobilization

Mobilize your support base to boost event attendance, raise the profile of your nonprofit organization to hit fundraising goals or increase supporters of your political campaign.

peer to peer texting software

Groundbreaking technology
redefining voter communications

P2P texting is making call centers, phone banks & robocalls obsolete. It’s 2021, people want the best way to access information fast and without speaking on the phone or hearing an autodialer. One-sided political email blasts, robocalls or social media platforms post lack a human touch and do very little to actually engage your voter. Using Peerly P2P text Messaging will be the best decision you make for your campaign!

Voter Engagement Rate Comparison

General Targeted Emails

Standard Bulk Texting

Volunteer Call Center

Peer2Peer Political Texting

texting mms

Send MMS Messages too!

You can now engage your audience with Multi Media messaging.

Three reasons to use Multi Media – P2P messaging!

1) Send multimedia content including pictures, PNGs, JPEGS & GIFs.
2) Send up to 2,000 characters per txt with your pictures & file.
3) Lightning Fast! 13,000 P2PMMS messages hourly per person.

Top Uses for Peer2Peer Texting in 2021

There are many things you can do when you incorporate right tools like P2P into your contact strategy. Here are just a few of them.

Donor Engagement
Run a Peer to peer fundraising campaign & direct your target audience to your donation page.
Collect donations, run fundraising campaigns, drive attendance to causes and record data.
Non Profits
Communicate directly with their donors and stakeholders or use P2P to boost fundraiser totals for nonprofits.
Rally & Event Promotion 
Invite people to a rally or event and get their RSVP in real-time.
Charity & Causes
Your favorite charity’s are using P2P to foster deeper connections with current supporters & have incorporated Peer to Peer fundraising into their fundraising strategy.
Get Out The Vote
Remind voters to get out to vote on election day and tell them where and when. GOTV also decreases absentee ballot turnout.
Customer Reminders
Remind customers of appointments or upcoming events & opportunities.
Unions & Associations
Peer to Peer is a great way to conduct Team member outreach to engage members & stakeholders in large scale two way text conversations.
Customer Follow up
Collect their phone number & follow up with customers in a new way to keep them coming back.
Great volunteer recruitment tool for campaign volunteers, also use P2P for job recruitment.
Political Engagement 
Peer to Peer Texting is the number 1 tool used for political engagement within the United States.
Advocacy on Issues 
Rally people to your cause and make it super easy for them to take appropriate action.
Identify Supporters
Ask voters for their support and engage them one on one to gain that support from them and their family members.
Schools & Education
No need to make a phone call, contact students or parents cell phones with two-way messaging for alerts, fundraising events, regular updates or enrollment.
Notifications & Government
Send urgent updates alerts, appointment reminders or insights direct to mobile numbers based on zip code or list of contacts in less time then a phone call or email.

Peer to Peer Pricing

With Peerly, Enjoy…

3¢ MMS Available

Zero Commitments

Cancel Anytime

Insanely Fast Sending Speeds

Unlimited Agents Seats

Start Sending in Minutes

Plans as low as

1.2 cents

per successful text

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What do your plans include?

Each plan gives you full access to our cutting edge peer-to-peer texting service and you get unlimited agent access. This means you can have 1 or 100s of people logged in sending messages at once. Wait, there’s more… Also receive unlimited use of all of our compliance tools!

Starting at... What about the other plans?

We have plans ranging from a few cents and lower or micro plans for only a few hundred per month for low volume users. But if you want to SUPERCHARGE your messaging. Check out our PRO as low as 1.2¢ plans after you create an account.

What's the catch, why so cheap?

Thanks for noticing. We are less than HALF the price of our nearest competitor and guess what? Our lights are still on. This means some businesses are overcharging you and pocketing MASSIVE profits. Peerly is a fair sustainable service. We do not believe in price hiking due to the election rush.

How many messages can I send?

How many hours in the day? Each account gets it’s dedicated phone lines which = MAJOR SPEED. How many times can you press send in a 10 hour day? Some campaigns send out 100s of thousands per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Two way texts work by allowing one individual or several people the ability to quickly send individual texts to large groups of recipients. This also avoids TCPA’s restrictions on ATDS. A volunteer or agent can sit behind a computer, draft a template and select the contacts they wish to text. From there they can go through their list and with the press of a button and quickly send each text.

Yes, we have MMS, you can send pictures emojis, files & rich media with a peer to peer texting. This allows you to engage people in a richer, more informative way. Send a PDF invite for an event or send a flyer with pictures. Using MMS with P2P texting enhances engagement opportunities and adds a new dynamic. MMS messaging over peer to peer has proven to be a massive resource for political P2P texting in 2020.

You can collect incredibly useful data using 1:1 texting with a personal touch. One primary use of one to one texting is in politics, campaigns and elections. Politicians and campaigns can text a voter and ask for their support, a donation or even invite them to a rally. You can also hold a P2P fundraiser like a textathon. The voter can respond to these questions or even make a mobile donation or RSVP to an event. You can leverage the full analytics of your successful peer to peer campaign at your fingertips.

Yes, it works! This technology has become the number one form of communication in 2020 and for a very good reason. People are no longer satisfied with one-way communications or social media posts. People expect more from contact points and want answers to questions immediately, covid-19 is a great example of this. Many case studies show people do not engage with perceived spam or a mass communication. You can share a sense of urgency directly for dedicated support or for a good cause.

The P2P Alliance presented a petition to the federal communications commission(FCC) to close a loophole that could define peer based texting as an autodialer (ATDS) under the telephone consumer protection act, this year (2020.) The main difference presented was Peer to Peer should not be classified as automatic telephone autodialer under TCPA as it requires human intervention when contacting cellphones. Also this is not used for solicitation by a political party. Unlike call platforms that use an autodialer Peer-to-Peer should not violate Federal law and State Laws as long affirmative manual dialing is required to send a transmission. The FCC made a declaratory ruling in 2020 excluding the use of two way texts from the TCPA as long as the technology requires human intervention. The technology cannot have potential to send the communications though a bulk text platform, ATDS or A2P. A disclaimer is still required under the federal election commission FEC for most transmissions.

Peerly is battle tested P2P provider and offers prices in some cases as much as 50% cheaper than other providers. Our prices are better than Relay, Callhub, Hustle, Rumbleup & even the tiny providers like Getthru. We have a 100% risk free trial, so you can see it & try it for yourself. Also unlike others our network is made up of 13, tier 1 phone company’s such as Verizon & AT&T. This prevents issues like Hustle’s outage (2018) or Twilio’s / Open sesame’s issue (2020.) The bottom line is, Peerly’s software is much easier to use than Rumbleup for admin & volunteers. We are much faster than Relay & Getthru. We also know we are a fraction of the cost of other guys including Callhub. Peerly is the #1 used P2P platform & peer fundraising platform. Salesforce users love our peer fundraising software & tools and are all fully integrated!

With billions of Political Texts being sent out throughout the world on behalf of political campaigns, top campaign managers & successful campaigns can say with absolute confidence that political P2P texting works better than any communication tool on the market, including social media. Many campaigns have used this technology including Bernie Sanders & Democratic campaigns, The Republican National Committee, The Bernie Sanders campaign & consultants.  The Trump campaign has also used Peer campaign based texting to engage voter lists and foster real conversations during the midterms & the general election cycle. These campaigns text people from the voter file directly on their cell phone number 1:1 to engage a voters. Since Peerly is not an autodialer (ATDS), campaigns are not fined for violating the telephone consumer protection act (TCPA) or the federal communications commission (FCC) if used correctly.

Unlike social networks in recent years the engagement & response rate for 1:1 texting on the average contact list, is roughly 50-90% of individuals read a peer based text message. Just over half of those people will actually engage in some form or another. It could be as simple as answering a yes or no question to help with data collection or as in-depth as engaging you with questions and entering into a conversation and collect contact information.

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