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Quickly Poll Your Audience with Text Surveys.

Engage people one-on-one and collect valuable insights through Text Surveys.

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Text Surveys get a 50% higher
response rate over phone calls

Gather useful data at scale in seconds via text. Text surveys
are rapidly changing the research field and are becoming
the go-to tool for pollsters, customer satisfaction and researchers.

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Send Links Directly to Your Online Poll

Peerly’s Text Surveys is an easy and affordable way to conduct polling and surveys and capture real-time insights from your audience. Increase your response rates by leveraging an online text Survey and reduce the burden of phone calls and lengthy automated polls on your respondents.

Text to drive online survey completions

Introduce your poll

Invite respondents to take your survey

Send a link directly to your survey page

Use MMS to engage respondents with pictures, logos, or videos

Send reminders to complete your surveys

Survey people directly One-On-One

Text surveys are incredibly powerful and allow you to text your respondent and receive instantaneous responses to your questions. Have people reply to your questions directly.

Survey people directly one-on-one

Easy Question Builder

Accept Replies by number, letter, or word

Export your answers for quick tabulation

No Links to click

Peerly Text Survey Features:

Customizable Survey Question Templates.

MMS Capable – Send pictures & media files.

Ask survey questions, collect data or pose Y/N questions.

Answer data can be saved directly to your CRM or exported.

Send links, emoticons and rich text to enhance the conversation.

Run unlimited campaigns simultaneously and hold unlimited conversations.

NEW UI available with multiple languages. English, Spanish & French!

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