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Peerly Platform FEATURES

TruHD Video Texting

Send a 60-second HD Video & include up to 2,000 letters of text.

Use Custom Fonts

Include custom fonts to make messages POP.

Send Pictures MMS

Send High Resolution & include up to 2,000 letters of text.

White label Ready Platform

Use your own Company branding, URL, and Logos with Peerly.

Full Service – We Click!

Use our highly trained US-based P2P canvassers to send your texts FAST!

Custom Short Branded Links

Save on character counts, avoid blocking and Generate custom URLs.

Real-Time Click Tracking

Track open rates & see when links are opened and who clicks them.

Dynamic Personalization

Use tags to personalize your message and insert name etc.

Landline Scrub

Remove your landlines from your list FREE using our Landline Scrub.

Smart Scheduling

Schedule your job to go live at a specific time and date.

Canned Responses

Use or set up custom canned responses to reply to your list.

Dynamic Link Data Insertions

Utilize dynamic data in your list to generate parts of the destination URL.

Export to CRM

Easily upload results to any CRM or database.

Fast Send Clicking

Send Messages lightning quickly with a simple click-to-dial/send.

List Cleaning

Remove dups, correct malformed data, and clean the list. Free

1920x1080p Video

Send Full HD cinematic quality video in 1920x1080p.

Free 10DLC Registration

Peerly pays your 10DLC registration costs!

Peerly AI

Harness the power of Ai to increase your agent’s effectiveness and utilize your data to it’s full capacity.

Survey & Polling

Conduct surveys & polls with our poll creation tool.

60-second HD Video

Send a 60-second HD Video & include up to 2,000 letters of text.

Lightning Fast Link Redirects

Redirect short links to actual pages without any lag or redirect slowdowns.

Links, emoticons & Special Character

We support Emojis, language fronts & special characters.

Unlimited conversations

Easily manage unlimited conversations concurrently.

UI in English, Spanish & French!

Use the platform in multiple languages. We support En, SP & FR.

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