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Summon the AI Legion: AMP the Power of 1,000 Volunteers!
AMP sorts opt-outs, organizes, evaluates, responds, arranges subsequent follow-ups, and instantly enriches your database with vital insights!

AMP AI is an innovative AI tool designed to empower political campaigns by simplifying the complex task of segmenting, managing and responding to voter interactions via Peer to Peer Texting.

Innovation in Artificial Intelligence

Best Use of AI for Content Production

Best Innovation in Texting

peerly p2p texting gold awards

Best Innovation for Voter Targeting

peerly p2p texting gold awards

Best Use of Targeting

4 Peerly AI Tools That will Change P2P Texting Forever!

Effortless Reply Organization: AMP AI seamlessly organizes incoming messages in real-time, instantly categorizing and tagging them, freeing volunteers from the tedious sorting process.

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Sophisticated Sentiment Analysis

Negative responses are automatically identified and moved into an opt-in category, ensuring compliance while maintaining the human touch.

Instant Template Matching

AMP AI matches questions directly to pre-developed templates. This allows volunteers to issue replies without the need for extensive reading or manual composition.

Skyrocketing Productivity

With AMP AI, a single volunteer can issue thousands of replies in just an hour, significantly boosting outreach and engagement.

Campaign Harmony and Confidence

AMP AI is directly fed by campaign content, ensuring every message aligns with the campaign’s values, eliminating the risk of incorrect responses.

Sentiment Analysis

Use AI to identify positive and negative messages, streamlining agent responses.

Engagement Boost

Prioritize conversations with an AI-driven engagement score, ensuring agents focus on the most active discussions.

Template Recommendations

AI recommends suitable response templates for smoother conversations.

Support Scoring

Score conversations based on contact support levels for effective retargeting.

Conversation Tags

AI detects conversation topics and stores them as tags for future targeting.

Custom Scoring

Define custom scores like “likely to vote” and “likely to donate” for smarter conversation sorting and retargeting.

Personalized Suggestions

AI learns from agent responses for more tailored questions and template suggestions over time.

Auto Answers

AI can confidently fill in answers, streamlining the response process.

Candidate Info Templates

AI generates response templates from uploaded candidate information, ensuring accurate and quick responses.

Opinion Tracking

AI-assisted opinion gathering without additional agent effort, complete with reports and breakdowns.

Smart Answers

AI-powered suggestions for answering questions, making agent responses more efficient.

Opt-Out Detection

Automatically detect and handle negative messages, including opt-out requests.

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Effortless Message Management

AMP AI  streamlines the organization of incoming messages, allowing campaign teams to focus on strategy rather than manual sorting.

Sophisticated Sentiment Analysis

With advanced sentiment analysis, AMP AI  identifies negative responses, ensuring compliance and maintaining the human touch.

Skyrocketing Productivity

A single volunteer can issue thousands of replies in just an hour, making campaign efforts significantly more productive.

Rapid Response Generation

The AI’s lightning-fast response generation ensures that campaign volunteers can engage with voters in real-time, enhancing the overall campaign experience.

Instant Template Matching

Matching questions to pre-developed templates means volunteers can issue responses quickly without the need for extensive reading or manual composition.

Data-Driven Insights

AMP AI categorizes and analyzes responses, providing valuable insights to inform campaign strategy and messaging.

Consistency and Compliance

Every response generated aligns perfectly with the campaign’s message, eliminating the risk of inconsistent messaging and ensuring compliance.

24/7 Message Preparation

Messages are prepared and ready for human volunteers to send, providing a continuous flow of voter engagement, day or night.

Maximized Voter Engagement

With AMP AI, every message is treated with care, ensuring that no opportunity to connect with voters is missed.

In essence, AMP AI is a game-changing AI tool that simplifies, optimizes, and revolutionizes voter engagement for political campaigns. It’s your indispensable companion in navigating the complexities of modern campaigning, ensuring that every interaction counts toward success.

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