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The Death of TV: Texting to Become the Leading Medium in 2024

By April 3, 2024April 8th, 2024News

In the digital age, political campaigns are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage with voters beyond traditional methods. Two such transformative tools from Peerly, AMP AI and TruHD Video Texting®, are reshaping the landscape of political communication from passive viewing to interactive engagement.

The Challenge with Linear TV:

The rise of cord-cutting, especially accelerated during the pandemic, has significantly diminished the reach of traditional linear campaign commercials. Campaigns are thus challenged to find alternative methods to convey their messages without compromising on the quality and impact of their content. Sending Video over MMS was choppy and compressed, leading to a poor user experience. This is where Peerly introduced TruHD video Texting, which is unlike anything on the market. Get a live test directly from your phone here. 

TruHD Video Texting®: The Solution

TruHD Video Texting® emerges as a groundbreaking solution to this challenge. By allowing campaigns to send full cinematic HD videos directly to voters via SMS, it bypasses traditional TV’s limitations.  This approach not only ensures the delivery of high-quality content but also personalizes the viewing experience, making each interaction a unique touchpoint with the voter. Did you know Campaigns spend over $6.4 billion on ads for 2022 elections? Peerly allows campaigns to liberate themself from expensive old school less effective advertising. 

 The proprietary enhancements, including the ability to send 60-second commercials in HD quality with rich, custom fonts and clickable calls to action, further elevate the impact of these video texts. Book a call with Peerly to discuss TruHD Video Texting.

sms video texting p2p video texting

The MAJOR Challenge with P2P Texting:

In today’s fast-paced political environment, campaigns face the challenge of managing large-scale, two-way communications with voters. Dealing with the influx of replies that come in from your outbound texting campaigns can quickly become overwhelming, leading to delayed responses and missed opportunities for engagement. The need for a solution that can handle the volume of interactions while maintaining the personal touch essential for voter engagement is evident.

AMP AI: The Solution

AMP AI revolutionizes this process by transforming standard text messages into dynamic, two-way dialogues. With its advanced AI capabilities, AMP AI manages and responds to text replies, enabling campaigns to simultaneously conduct thousands of personal, two-way conversations. This tool not only enhances the efficiency of voter engagement but also ensures that every interaction is meaningful and aligned with campaign messaging. Book a Call With Peerly to see AMP in action. 

Impact and Future:

The introduction of these tools by Peerly  signifies a pivotal shift in political campaigning, moving from passive, one-way communication channels to a landscape characterized by interactive and personalized voter engagement. AMP AI and TruHD Video Texting® not only address the challenges faced by modern campaigns but also set a new standard for how political messages are conveyed and received. 

Peerly Creates TruHD Video MMS for Text Messaging 

As we look to the future, the potential of these tools to redefine political engagement is immense. Book a Call With Peerly and discuss the ability to engage voters in meaningful conversations and deliver high-quality video content directly to their mobile devices, campaigns can foster a deeper connection with their audience. The interactive nature of these tools not only enhances voter engagement but also empowers campaigns to tailor their strategies based on real-time feedback and analytics.

In conclusion, the transition from passive viewing to interactive engagement facilitated by Peerly’s AMP AI and TruHD Video Texting® is not just a technological advancement; it’s a strategic evolution in political communication, promising a more engaged, informed, and responsive electorate.

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