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Spoke Pricing Sources

Spoke is a great tool however it can have significant costs associated with it. 
Spoke does require you to sign up with multiple vendors, each with their pricing listed below.

$85 – $3000/mo  Infrastructure costs 

(must sign up for Huku or AWS)

$85 a month to $750 depending on your org size, but can get as high as a few thousand dollars on very high scale orgs that text during GOTV.

Source: Spoke Estimated Costs 
Source: Heroku and AWS Lambda

$500 – $5000/Mo Programming Costs

You can easily spend $0, $100, $1000, $10,000 for the same work and functionality. 

Hiring a Developer to deploy Spoke 

Source:  Hiring a developer to install Spoke

$50 per 10,000 texts Phone Number Cost

Source: Twilio

$75 – 10,000 Texts Segments

Twilio (must be approved and sign up with Twilio)
Source: Twilio

$23/mo – auth0


$50 –  per 10,000 Texts

Mobile Number identifier (Twilio)
Source: Twilio

Estimated Cost SPOKE

Spoke includes deployment instructions and support for Heroku and AWS Lambda deployment. Like other peer-to-peer tools, it uses Twilio as a messaging service API and Auth0 for user authentication. Operating Spoke can range in cost from $2,800/year for 10,000 conversations/month, to $24,000/year for 100,000 conversations/month. 


Heroku Set up & Costs 


NOTE: You can upgrade this deployment later for use in a production setting, but keep in mind you will need to migrate data from any prior campaigns. Thus it is best to upgrade before you start any live campaigns.

This will cost ~$75 ($25 dyno + $50 Postgres) a month and should be suitable for production-level usage for most organizations. We recommend that if you plan to use Spoke at scale that you use this link to deploy with a production infrastructure from the start!

AWS Set Up Costs 

You can also deploy on AWS Lambda. which is a lot cheaper than Heroku at scale but requires considerably more technical knowledge to deploy and maintain. We recommend this option for large-scale campaigns with tech resources.

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