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P2P Texting for Good

#1 Alternative to Spoke

What is the purpose of Causes?

To help amplify voices of Social, Minority, and Underrepresented groups. We leverage Peerly’s massive purchasing power to make Peer to Peer Texting accessible for causes at industry buy rates WITHOUT a mark-up.

Does Causes Make a Profit?

No, we have a social responsibility to help. Our Causes division does not charge for profit. We are a FREE tool for causes & groups! You just help out with the costs.

Why did you Launch Peerly Causes?

We want P2P Texting to be accessible to organizations who really need their voices amplified FAST. We wanted to remove money as factor so this can be possible. That’s why we launched Peerly Causes.

Who can use Causes?

Causes is a non-partisan project with a focus on social responsibility. Any underfunded Social, Minority or Underrepresented group can apply for a FREE account.

Compare peerlyCauses vs Others

Causes is Cheaper, Faster & Easier.


Peerly Causes


Fully Hosted, Zero Hassle

No Coding Skills Required

Get Started Immediately

Multiple Carriers In Route

Phone Numbers Included

No Infrastructure Required

No Servers Required

No Carrier Sign-ups Required

Full Live Support Team

Easy Unlimited Scalability

Costs – peerlyCauses vs Spoke


$0.0065 Per Text Message

$0 Infrastructure Costs

$0 Programming Costs

$0 Phone Number Cost

$0.0025 per Validation – Mobile Number Identifier

$0.0075 Per Text Message

$85 – $3000/mo Infrastructure Costs (AWS Signup)

$500 – $5000/mo Programming Costs

$50 per 10,000 texts Phone Number Cost

$0.005 per Validation – Mobile Number Identifier

$23/mo – auth0

Apply for a peerlyCauses Account

Note: In order to amplify the voices who need it most, we may not approve all applicants.

Let us help with your mission!

  • Fully Hosted – We handle everything

  • Easy to Use for Volunteers!

  • Profit Free, You Only Pay Costs

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