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Political P2P Texting for Your Campaign

By March 10, 2020July 11th, 2022News

Elections are won and lost by one factor alone: how many people show up. Engaging with your base is more important than ever and with so many different avenues to do, the onus is on candidates more than ever to reach their audience where they are. Simple telemarketing is not the most effective way to get voters to turn out to the polls anymore.

Enter Political Peer-to-Peer texting. P2P texting is a method of having multiple conversations with your phone list through text. The conversation does not require the receiver to have a phone call or in-person meeting. Once they have opted in to receiving messages and giving over their phone number you can communicate with you based on campaign events, candidate updates, and offering transport on election day. Check out a Political Peer-to-Peer texting example here.

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