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There are dozens of reasons why Schools, universities & colleges may need to communicate with large numbers of students or parents, or educational stakeholders quickly. Unfortunately, there are only so many ways to do it effectively.

Often emails go unchecked, automated calls are looked upon as being annoying and cannot be used to contact mobile lines under the TCPA. Live phone calls take tremendous resources and all these methods do allow seamline two-way conversations with data collection.

Introducing peer-to-peer texting for Schools, Universities, and Education.
Your school will be able to communicate with parents and students efficiently with massive engagement rates.

6 reasons why you need peer-to-peer texting in your communication strategy.

1) Ask questions and collect information.

2) Streamline the enrolment process

3) Communicate about shutdowns

4) Notify about policy changes

5) Communicate health and safety notices

6) Drive attendance to events.

The list goes on and on there are endless ways you can utilize peer-to-peer texting. Try it today. It’s risk-free and an incredibly powerful tool. Sign up here

Other Usage Scenarios

Customer Reminders
Rally Event
Recruit & Identify
Advocacy Issues
Non Profits
Customer Follow-ups
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