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Let us tell you exactly how party fundraisers bypassed traditional methods and boosted their ROI by 29% in June.

The Texting Goldmine: First, let's get one thing straight: texting is pure gold for fundraising. With hundreds of millions of mobile phones out there, there's no better way to reach a voter than through Peer-to-Peer Texting directly. We saw the potential and jumped into the game many years ago, at that time our industry launched the P2P Alliance, and through them a declaratory ruling from the FCC was attained. Then all bets were off. P2P exploded and Peerly was eager to help campaigns have meaningful, two-way conversations with voters. But 2020 reality hit us hard. Campaigns were not using P2P the way we dreamed it would be used. They just simply didn't have the resources to manage these conversations or respond to voters' replies.

Our Insane Discovery: Picture this: Tens of thousands of replies go unanswered. We ran some internal studies on some fundraising accounts with the help of a client, and what we found was shocking.

Among the simple donation request messages, about 10% of replies came from people who were ready or almost ready to donate but had simple questions, like, "What are the donation limits?” or “Can I donate next week?” or “How can my friend donate too?"

This part is CRAZY: Nobody was reading or replying to these messages, and campaigns were certainly not using P2P to facilitate two-way dialogue. They were viewing these replies as more of a burden. Thousands of potential donations & voters were just left hanging. I mean, we understand. Who really has the time on a campaign? We decided to test a new approach. With permission from clients, we started replying to these messages, and almost instantly, fundraising ROI shot up. We targeted the low-hanging donations of the voters who were close and just needed an extra nudge or an answer to a simple question like “What is the minimum I can donate?" Replies turned into donations – it was that simple.

Scaling to Millions $$$ Our clients send millions of messages daily, receiving tens of thousands of replies. Handling this volume manually would require an army. That’s when we turned to ethical AI. We designed AMP AI as an ethical solution, acting as a digital army to sift through replies, identify positive ones, and respond with the best possible answers using campaign-generated templates and AI-assisted resources. We believe that campaigns should drive the conversations. However, the AI can handle the heavy lifting, delving deeply into the nuances of each reply to maximize the opportunity for obtaining donations. If a reply doesn't make sense, the AI makes a suggestion and continuously learns from each interaction to improve its responses.

The Secret Sauce: AMP AI isn’t a chatbot. It is a deep-root sentiment analysis engine that looks for the nuances, even the most subtle clues, in each conversation and matches them with the best reply. When a suitable template isn’t available, the AI creates one that makes the most sense. Volunteers or staff can approve these replies in seconds, keeping everything on script with the campaign's voice ensuring 100% of the replies are campaign-driven and ethical. Now of course because it’s AI-driven, these messages are personalized, lighting fast, and always geared towards maximizing donations. This co-sourced AI Army approach has boosted donations by up to 37% in some campaigns.

The Big Money: Imagine sending 5 million texts over a few weeks. If just 1.5% of people reply, that’s 75,000 potential HOT conversations. From our research, 10% of these replies are always from potential donors with simple questions like “What payment method can I use?”. That’s 7,500 donors ignored. Let's say each of these donors gives just $20. By not replying, you left just $150,000 on the table. Multiply this by two more donations over a year or two, and you’re looking at $450,000 just from replying to text messages you’ve already paid for.

The Breakdown
Description Amount
5 million texts sent 5,000,000
1.5% replies 75,000
10% of replies are donors with questions 7,500
Each donor gives a $20 donation $20
Total from initial donations $150,000
If each donor gives 2 more times 3 donations
Total from 3 donations $450,000

Your Own Army of 1,000: This isn’t just about money. It’s about building relationships the way we used to do door-to-door, on the phone, or at coffee meet-ups, answering questions. Now, in 2024, we have the technology to foster conversations and gather key data for future campaigns, and we are just not doing it. While a human team would find it impossible to manage this at scale, AMP AI handles it effortlessly. One volunteer, with the help of AMP AI, can do the work of a thousand, turning one-way texts into full conversations.

It's a simple concept, powerful, and, yes, FREE. Setting this up is dead simple. Here's the proof: when we were testing it, one of our tech support team members got their 62-year-old mother (the sweetest person on earth, by the way!) to watch the setup video and attempt to set it up by herself. She did it!! It took her 12 minutes, but it was done correctly. And the best part? We don’t charge for using this powerful fundraising AI tool. We even help you set it up for free. AMP AI does more than just respond to potential donors – it also cleans up your lists by handling negative replies and opting them out, which also reduces complaints and saves you money in the process.

Stop Wasting Money: In today’s competitive fundraising environment, can you afford to ignore thousands of potential donors? When someone replies that they want to donate $1,000 next week, will you find that needle in a haystack and remind them? Probably not. And that’s where AMP AI comes in, ensuring you don’t leave money on the table. Top political fundraisers are already raising millions with AMP AI, like in 2024, and we’re giving it to you for free. Don’t just take our word for it – try it and see the results yourself. Talk is cheap, but the proof is in the donations.

Top fundraisers have unlocked a secret—it's effective, they're using it, and now you can take advantage of it too.

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