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Peerly Bulletin:

Reported Issue: Intermittent Delivery Receipt Delay & Message Delay Reports:
Message arrival delays have been intermittent today of 2-30 minutes on average with MMS on the mid to higher range, this has been across all MNOs and Carriers.

– Peerly confirms delayed messages are being successfully delivered with a 95%+ delivery rate.

Cause: Heavy load on all MNOs.

Delivery Receipt Delays: intermittent delayed delivery receipts have been confirmed by MNOs due to heavy load. Peerly can confirm messages are being delivered which is evident by the clicks and replies that are recorded on messages even with delayed or missing receipts.

– Peerly confirms messages with delayed receipts are being delivered with a 95%+ delivery rate and are not affecting the delivery of messages.

Cause: Receipts are deprioritized by MNOs in the case of heavy load to ensure the message delivery maintains a higher priority

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