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Is Peer to Peer Texting the Future of Political Campaigning?

By May 17, 2022July 11th, 2022News
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Texting has become a staple in our everyday lives. It’s how we stay connected with friends and family, and it’s the where we turn to when we need information. So, it’s no surprise that texting, specifically Peer to Peer (P2P) Texting, is becoming popular in the world of politics.

Peerly’s Peer to Peer platform works by allowing your volunteers or agents to engage thousands of people through text message conversations. As a result, it is a very effective way to reach out to people and build relationships. Politicians who are using P2P texting see amazing results, and many campaign managers are starting to use this approach. If you’re looking for an effective way to connect with your voters, P2P texting is the way to go.

Peer to Peer Texting Adds a Personal Touch

Peer to Peer Texting offers many advantages to traditional communications, especially in politics. Firstly, it’s a very effective way of reaching out to potential voters and engaging with them on a personal level. The one on one text conversation is what differentiates P2P Texting and gives it a nice, personal touch.

Secondly, in politics, you have to reach a very large number of constituents and voters. Peer to Peer Texting allows campaigns to communicate with large numbers of people very quickly and easily. 

peer to peer texting

Texting is the Most Popular Form of Communication

Texting is now the most popular form of communication due to the widespread adoption of smartphones. With its high open rate and fast delivery, texting is an efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with large groups. Text messages are more likely to be read and responded than other forms of communication like email or social media. These facts make Peer to Peer Texting perfect for a political campaign. You can send messages to your voters where you can be sure that they will see them, their smartphones!

Peer to Peer Texting is Cost Effective

Political campaigns have historically relied heavily on television advertising, print advertising and door to door canvassing to reach potential voters. However, with the rise of P2P Texting, campaigns are able to reach voters directly, in a more cost-effective way. With P2P Texting, there is no need to print or distribute materials which saves time and money.

Full 1080p Video Over Text

You can now send full 1080p HD video through Peer to Peer Texting with Peerly’s TruHD Video Texting®. This innovation will disrupt the campaign space by allowing candidates to deliver cinematic quality, highly targeted videos directly to voters. Studies show texts have a 98% open rate making the ability to deliver video messages a game changer in politics. 

Furthermore, you can really make your video pop by adding up to 2000 characters of text with clickable links, emojis and Peerly’s SMS Fonts all at no extra charge to you.

P2P Texting is a very valuable tool. With the growing importance of technology in politics, it is likely we’ll see even more campaigns using this tool. Get started today with your risk-free trial!

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