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TruHD Video Texting


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Send Full HD Commercials Over
Peer-to-Peer Texting!

Award Winning Tech!

peerly wins gold at the reed awards

2024 – Gold Winner

Best Mobile Technology
peerly p2p texting gold awards

2023 – Gold Winner

Best Fundraising Technology
peerly p2p texting gold awards

2023 – Gold Winner

Best Use of Mobile Technology
peerly p2p texting gold awards

2023 – Gold Winner

Best use of Peer-to-Peer Texting
peerly wins gold at the reed awards

2023 – Gold Winner

Best Mobile Technology
Peerly p2p award winner

2022 – Gold Winner

Best Innovation in Texting
peerly 2023 pixie award winner for p2p texting

2023 – Gold Winner

Best Use of Video
peerly 2023 pixie award winner for p2p texting

2023 – Gold Winner

Best Fundraising Platform
peerly p2p texting silver awards

2023 – Silver Winner

Best Use of Mobile – Digital Fundraising
peerly p2p texting bronze awards

2023 – Bronze Winner

Best Use of Targeting – Digital Advertising

Never compromise

Commercials cost thousands, don’t ruin it with a low res choppy video text experience.

Track Open Rates

Track your open rates by including tracking links. Send video, text & links in the same message & use with Peerly Fonts.

Cinematic Vivid Colors

  • Over 1 Billion sRGB, colors represented. Tru HD Video Texting® is a cinematic experience on your phone.

TruVoice Quality Sound

Enhances bass and treble to the maximum signal audio output giving videos and deep, rich sound to quickly capture attention.

True In Message Playback

Video plays directly in the text message window & is not linked, watch the full video directly in the text message.

Edge Stream Technology®

  • Instant video Play with with No jitters, blurring or buffering.

Use with Peerly Fonts

  • Use big bold fonts under your video for the ultimate call to action.

Text Full HD Video

  • Send Peer to Peer texts with full HD video up to 1080P.

60 Second Video

  • Send Videos up to 60 seconds in length without sacrificing quality.

TruHD Video Texting

Send 1080P HD Video

Include up to 2000 characters of text

Send 60 second videos

Include clickable links

Video plays in text message app

Video MMS as low as

3 cents

per successful text

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Explain Pricing

Easy, pay a flat price per message. Peerly has the lowest rates on the market for video MMS. For each video MMS that is delivered to the end subscriber you pay a low flat video transmission rate. This flat rate includes up to 2000 characters of text at no extra cost. You can even include trackable links, emojis and custom fronts 100% FREE! 

Can I really send 1080p Video?

YES you can send video MMS with Peerly in full HD 1080p! As long as the end user has 4g or 5g data. We encourage you to compare the “other guys” side by side and see the difference between true cinematic quality video & sound and boring compressed SD videos. 

Can I send text with my video?

YES! You can send up to 2000 characters of text and also include clickable links, emojis & custom fonts for no extra charge. You can also track who opened your message using link tracking. See a sample message by entering your phone number above. 

Will my video play in the text window?

Of course. Peerly’s TruHD Video Texting is real in video MMS. Unlike the “other guys” we deliver the full video within the text message. Did we mention Peerly is the only provider that can say our video texting is FULL 1080P HD CINEMATIC QUALITY! 

How Long can my video be?

We recommend Video MMS messages to be under 60 seconds. Video texting is all about capturing attention. Keep it BOLD SHORT & SWEET! 

Why Use TruHD Video Texting?

This innovation will disrupt the campaign & commercial space by allowing candidates to deliver cinematic quality, highly targeted videos directly to people’s phones and also allow them to track open rates with included links. Studies show texts have a 98 percent open rate making the ability to deliver studio quality video via text a game changer in politics.
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